Recycling And Recycling Essay

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Have you seen how great the sky looks lately? Individually as humans we have been doing a great job in maintaining our environment. Just look at how many more landfills we have compared to recycling plants, It’s truly an amazing sight to behold. It is nice to know that all of the materials that could have been reused are going back in the ground where they came from. We are often bombarded with news articles, tv commercials, and social media about how the destruction of the Earth is approaching at a pace faster than before. These are alternative facts. Trees are everywhere. They’d rule the world if it weren’t for us. It is difficult to travel for more than ten minutes without seeing a tree. However, self-proclaimed environmentalists get aggravated if you try to cut so much as a single tree without pledging to plant one hundred more! It is a common belief that we are not doing enough for the Earth, but what more could we do? We use the resources we need, and then we put them right back where they came from. Clearly recycling plants and recycling receptacles are being rendered obsolete by the infamous trash bin/landfill combo. They are a huge waste of space. Assuming that we just threw everything away, it would create a considerable amount of space for more practical buildings such as oil refinery’s, plastic manufacturing plants, the list goes on to give better alternatives for taxpayer dollars. Many people do not even recycle, because they know that trash or recycle it
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