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Recycling Case Study Preface Sustainable development has been a growing concern for the modern day civilization as more people become aware of the fact that our style of living is simply not sustainable for the environment and the entire planet on a global level. This is very much evident in such things as the ozone layer depletion, the growing concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere and the endangerment of many wildlife species due to loss of habitats. A major concern is the limited amount of fossil fuels. Most of the plastics that we use are derived from fossil fuels and thus more attention is being drawn into recycling of plastics. The aim of this report is to Introduction Plastics have invariably grown in terms of production and the function they play in our everyday lives. They are also replacing many applications where metals were used due to the fact that it has a much lower density and thus offers weight saving advantages. Simple everyday uses of plastic have also created more demand for plastics over the past 50 years and this has led to more production. The plastic market has grown in size significantly and in Europe alone accounts for more than 1.4 million people employed with a turnover of 87 billion euros for plastics producers and 202 billion euro plastic conversion in 2012 (Plastics Europe, 2013). Figure 1 shows the global production of plastics over the past 50 years and it shows how rapidly plastics have become integrated into society. In 2012, there
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