Recycling Dog Parks

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Dog parks can be of great benefit, both to the cities they reside within, and to the dog owners themselves. However, they are not without cost; They can be costly to install and become an issue to the nearby residential areas. As such, the decision to install a dog park is not a light one to be made.

Dog parks can improve a canine's health greatly by providing a proper space for one to play and socialize with other dogs. To this extent, it allows a dog to properly exercise, improving it's mood and reducing the occurence of what has been deemed as "bad" behavior. This, in turn, results in drastically fewer incidents of citizens being bitten by a dog; For example, according to "A Dog Park Benefits All", when New York City instituted leash-free dog parks,
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Additionally, there is the concern of noise that should be considered. The average decible range of a canine is between 75 and 100 decibles, factoring in larger canines. This can be disruptive to neighbooring residential areas, and create a displeasing atmosphere, as has been reported previously in several areas.

These issues must be taken into consideration. However, they must be taken into consideration factoring in the positives as well. Will the costs previously-incurred by dog bites, the incident reports, and any issues resulting there of, offset the average cost to taxpayers for instituting a dog park? Can the dog park take sound into consideration during construction in order to reduce the amount of noise that can be heard from nearby areas?

Permitting all factors are accounted for, and the ratio of dog-owners to non-owning citizens is enough of a considerable amount, the installation of a dog park can be beneficial to any city. One should not let the cost scare them, for they can be quite the cost-saving
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