Recycling E Waste And Its Effects On The United States

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Recycling e-waste If you where to ask a small child in Nigeria—"what do you do everyday?" They will most likely answer, "burning e-waste and selling the minerals inside in in." Not an answer you would receive from an American children living in the Untied States. Slowly this kids are being sicken by all the dangerous substances that e-waste contains. Soon this will lead for their bodies to stop growing properly. They will eventually die. Old electronics should not be thrown away, instead recycled. Because it is not healthy for the people in the countries that try to take out the material inside of the e-waste. And because we need tougher laws. Also because you can recycle. The e-waste that the U.S produces goes to countries such as China, Nigeria, India, Vietnam and Pakistan. Those places are in the need of money that even children need to work to help out their families. This children work to take out the copper and gold. E-waste contains lead, cadmium, chromium, brominated flame retardants, PCB and also toxic fumes. Children are especially vulnerable to the health risks from e-waste. The children bodies’ functional systems such as the central nervous, immune, reproductive and digestive system are still in the process of growing and the contact with toxic substances will affect them. And by further development, e-waste can cause un-fixable damage to their not-grown bodies. E-waste does not only affect children, because of all the toxic fumes e-waste consumes. This

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