Recycling Feasibility at Greening Corporation

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Recycling Feasibility at Greening Corporation Introduction This report has been authorized by the head of the Greening Corporation, who seeks to find new ways to "go green." As recycling provides many environmental advantages and has the potential to increase cost-effectiveness and efficiency as well, it has been selected by company leaders and executives as an endeavor of great interest. In order to carry out the feasibility study, resources were examined and previous research was consulted. Determinations were than made regarding what items could be effectively and efficiently recycled in a manner beneficial to all stakeholders. Four primary areas are included in the following feasibility study. First, three categories of recyclable goods are identified, followed by the identification of products to be recycled within each recyclable good class. The third section discusses ho recyclables can be taken away for processing, and finally expert commentary on the subject is provided. A summary and concluding remarks are also presented following the four described main sections of the feasibility study. Three Categories of Items Three broad categories of recyclable items that are typically used in recycling programs are paper, plastic, and metal delineations. These are fairly obvious classifications that individuals not intimately involved in the program will be able to easily distinguish and delineate for themselves, easing the transition into the program and making it
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