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Raise your voice not the trash level
How will I help our environment? I will be partnering up with Karlie Ramirez, we have decided on the 21st of October, to head up to Giant Rock, located in Lucerne Valley. Over the years Mankind has polluted our air drastically, consequently, we throw trash on the ground and in our oceans. At worst is air pollution. Exhaust fumes, Radiation spill or nuclear accidents It creates an adverse effect on the overall environment. We put fumes and gases in our air on a daily basis and How does this affect our environment? As some of us have seen It kills wildlife and is currently putting a hole in our Ozone Layer. Karlie and I will be heading to pick up trash, approximately for about 5 hours. Before we can move forward, there are a few steps we will need to complete before the 23rd of September. Moving Forward to our first step will need to speak to our parents about purchasing a few items. Such as trash bags, gloves, and water. Moving on to our Second step, discussing where we will be disposing of all trash we pick up. When you make a point of doing everything you can to help our environment by recycling, your actions make you part of the solution rather than part of the problem. Our third step, talk to our parents about transportation and Location in Giant Rock. After these steps, Karlie and I will be ready to help our earth function and breathe, on the 21st of October. (Here we come Giant Rock!) Everyday items such as soda cans and plastic
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