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Every year, $7 billion worth of recyclable materials are sent to landfills in the United States alone. Each community plays a role in contributing to this number. Unfortunately, if we as the Village of Mundelein are not doing our best to reduce this massive amount of waste, we are partly responsible. Far too many reusable items end up in the trash in our town. As a student at Mundelein High School, I notice my peers don’t seem to realize there is a difference between the recycling bin and the trash can. Trash ends up in the recyclables and vice versa. Moreover, a recent Lake County study found that Mundelein was not in the top 10 communities that recycle the most (“Garbage and Recycling Program”). Even worse, it also revealed that Mundelein’s recycling rates between 2014 and 2015 actually decreased-- we moved from 1.72 pounds of trash per person per day to 1.79! There are multiple reasons for that, including not enough awareness and not implementing a more efficient recycling system.
There are many negative effects sending recycling to the landfills. An obvious consequence is that our environment suffers. The amount of trash sent to the landfill only keeps increasing. Eventually, there will be no space left in the current landfill, and it will be necessary to dig a new one. Recycling helps slow down this process and preserve the beauty of the environment in Mundelein. Furthermore, throwing away reusable materials such as plastic damages our water supply. Harmful substances
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