Essay about Recycling Wealth in the Inner City

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Recycling Wealth in the Inner City


The modern story of developed areas is a move from the inner city to the suburbs. This decentralization of metropolitan areas has left urban areas neglected. Such a transformation has had negative consequences, because it has inherently meant the abandonment of those left behind in urban centers. Furthermore, the issue is complicated by the fact that the distinction between those moving to the suburbs and those left behind has been defined largely by race. As Kain notes,
“the means by which racial segregation in housing has been maintained are amply documented. They are both legal and extra-legal; for example: racial covenants; racial zoning; violence or threats of violence;
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There must be efforts to counteract the movement towards the suburbs, and programs aimed at rebuilding the inner city. Ideally, the end result might be transforming the inner city black ghettos into thriving black business districts through investing and directing resources back towards urban centers.


In terms of considering the potential for rebuilding the inner city and creating a thriving district of concentrated black Americans, it is important to note that such an ideal is not as unprecedented as one might be led to believe. .

A history of concentrations of Black economic activity would be incomplete without mention of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the once thriving African American business district that existed there. In the early part of the 20th century, northern Tulsa was home to a 36-block district dubbed “Black Wall Street” and while it was not actually a center for financial trading it was a prospering business center. Tulsa was home to Black physicians, attorneys, and scholars. One doctor, for example, Dr. Berry, owned the bus system and was known to make incomes of $500 a day. Unfortunately, the success of Tulsa came to a dramatic halt when the aftermath of a race riot concluded with the area even being bombed from the air by the National Guard (

A second “Black Wall Street” district arose in Durham, North Carolina by the
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