Recycling and Rebuilding Essay

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Talking about recycling is easy, actually enforcing the act is a bit harder. As I begin to become more aware of the reasons to recycle, I find myself taking the time to stop and think before I choose the garbage can or recycling bin. In its simplest form recycling is taking used products and instead of discarding them and finding ways to reuse (Strong, 1997).Though the long-term consequences of pollution is unknown, early indicators suggest consequences could devastate many life forms and pose many more health risks. By way of reducing landfills, conserving trees and reusing materials, recycling can reduce product costs and conserve our environment for future generations.
Action is needed to reduce landfills in order to prolong the life
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The air we need to breathe is purified by trees. Remember when you were young and lived to play outside, climbing hundred year old trees, swinging from branches, and building tree houses. Those trees are being cut down constantly. To replace the deforestation we have already caused, we would need to plant an estimate of 6 billion more trees. If businesses took the initiative to recycle, every ton of paper they did, would save twenty-four trees (Hamilton County, 2011). There are infinite benefits of trees that aren’t known to many people. Air quality is improved by leaves filtering dust particles and absorbing carbon dioxide from the air. Trees continue the circle of life. Birds live in them and countless animals feed off them. Noise reduction and offsetting of emissions cars put out are important factors for a cleaner and quieter environment. Recycling will use fewer natural resources, and allow products to be made without destroying additional resources. The argument I give is not able to be pointed, without stating fact after fact. The trees are our life force, without them we do not breathe. We continue to destroy our trees and justify it stating plans to rebuild ten trees for every one that is cut down. It will take at least twenty to thirty years to replace part of what we have taken away in one day. Recycling has positive aspects on humanity, like helping the less fortunate and saving money. More jobs are created when

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