Red Badge Of Courage Analysis

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A Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage are different works that seem to reflect off of one another. The two stories have such a minor amount of difference that it can be difficult to discern between the two, but on the other hand, these works have numerous similarities, which would lead one would to believe that they were made with an identical idea in mind, this idea being to show how the civil war affected soldiers. Overall, the two works have few differences between them, but they do have a numerous amount of similarities. To begin, modifications in the two different works are so scarce that it may appear like they stole each other’s ideas. One the most noticeable of the differences is that the main characters in each story are from…show more content…
First, Charley goes into the war to get paid so he could help his mother, while on the other hand Henry joins the war to get glory. Additionally, both protagonists look back on happier times. By doing so, Charley uses this as a way to push forward through the war, while Henry sees it as a mistake on his part to join. Consequently, they both watch friends die in battle. While Charley tries to comfort his friend as he dies, Henry just follows him as he continues to attempt to get his friend to the hospital. The two stories allow you to see how the war affected different people. Soldier’s Heart and Red Badge of Courage are both works with numerous resemblances and scarce differences. With so rare variances the two stories could be considered to have the same plot. The plot connections of the works are so similar it is difficult to believe that they are made by different people, they also seemingly connect with the battles that Henry and Charley fought in. Ultimately, both works have their differences and similarities that make them connect to the audience and teach the message both authors
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