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Stephen Crane demonstrates isolation in many ways thorough out The Red Badge of Courage novel. By definition, isolation is the process or fact of isolating or being isolated. The process of isolation is found in various types of people, yet it always goes unnoticed, for you could be the most popular person in the world, and yet still feel so small.
Henry the young soldier in The Red Badge of Courage novel, goes through a lot when war breaks out in his country. He feels isolated from everyone else around him because he is scared and doesn’t want to have to fight for his life. During some encounters he goes running the opposite direction of danger while his fellow soldiers run into the face of danger. At some points in the book he is
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Some days we get caught up in our own thoughts, and get trapped in our minds. This type of mental state can be dangerous, and lead to break downs or worse. In the book the author expresses how Henry feels and his thought process by stating, “The youth would have liked to have discovered another who suspected himself. A sympathetic comparison of mental notes would have been a joy to him” – chapter 2, page unknown.
The quote “At length he reached a place where the high, arching boughs made a chapel. He softly pushed the green doors aside and entered. Pine needles were a gentle brown carpet. There was a religious half light. Near the threshold he stopped, horror-stricken at the sight of a thing. He was being looked at by a dead man who was seated with his back against a columnlike tree”- chapter 7, page unknown. The author explains how out of everything bad going on some places can be nice, but soon can turn into something completely different, something that may be very unpleasant. This can be very relatable in modern day. For some people even the worst days can have the best of times, and even more so, lots of days can seem like a never ending roller-coaster. But we strive on because its human nature to fight, to try to survive, even if it seems nearly impossible.
Some people even at their lowest, or on one of their worst days. Have the will in them to still try and bring other people up when they have fallen flat on

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