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Case Study: RED BRAND CANNERS Vice President of Operations Mr. Michell Gorden Controller Mr. William Copper Sale Manager Mr. Charles Myers Production Manager Mr. Dan Tucker Purpose: Decide the amount of tomato products to pack at this season. Tomato Products Whole Tomato Tomato Juice Tomato Paste Information: 1. Amount of Tomato: 3,000,000 pounds to be delivered. Tomato quality: 20% (grade A) × 3,000,000 = 600,000 pounds 80% (grade B) × 3,000,000 = 2,400,000 pounds (provided by production manager) 2. Demand forecasts & selling prices (provided by sale manager): Products Demand Whole canned tomato no limitation Others Refer Exhibit 1 1 lbs. correction (800,000/18) = 44444.5 Cases Selling prices has been set…show more content…
( The same conclusion could be reached by inspecting

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