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{draw:rect} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} {draw:rect} CASE STUDY REPORT RED BULL Table of Contents {text:bookmark-end} {text:bookmark-start} Executive {text:bookmark-end} summary: Additional points this paper discuses is the marketing program of Red Bull and how it depend mainly on Buzz advertising. The brand extension of Red Bull is an interesting point because it developed some products under its parent drink. Low sugar drink for example. The last point was about the advertising. Three different ways of advertising have been explored. Students brand managers, consumer educators and sponsoring extreme sport events. These techniques were very effective to generate the word of mouth; hence, build a strong image.…show more content…
(Kumar& Linguri, 2003) state that Red Bull has mastered buzz marketing and has noticed the benefits of it. The image it has created for its products is edgy and to some extends dangerous. In 1987, when Mateschitz formulated the energy drink, most of the bars in Austria refused to stock it at first. On the other hand, snowboarders and clubbers recognised the energy that it gave them. It became, later on, more popular not only in Austrian market but in Europe as well. In order to generate buzz in a different way to its potential customers and to build an image, Red Bull used what calls “consumer education”. It targeted University students by hiring student brand managers who had been provided with free cases and asked them to throw a party. Here, these students spread the good word about Red Bull very quickly. Another way to employ this marketing technique is to hire some locals to drive around in Red Bull’s special cars that have its logo with a large can. In this car there is a fridgie full of Red Bull’s cans. The task of those drivers is to find people who need energy and give them a free can. For athlete only, Red Bull sponsors several of extreme sports events include a flying-machine flugtag, cliff-diving,

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