Red Bull Case Analysis

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Red Bull Case Analysis

Purpose: to provide the chain of strategies Red Bull used to develop their brand equity and global market dominance in the energy beverage industry.

Target Market: Red Bull does not target to a specific demographic or psychographic. Its strategy is to reach to a relatively broad consumer base. The target is anyone who need energy boost to combat their mental and/or physical fatigue. Red Bull knows their consumer base mostly involves students, drivers, clubbers, business professionals and athletes.

Marketing Mix:
Product: Red Bull offers a premium energy drink supplement that provides essential ingredients to rejuvenate the mind and body. Red Bull consists of energy-enhancing ingredients: caffeine,
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Brand Strategy: The brand strives to continue to be the leader in energy drinks and upheld brand position and appeal. It is ideal to the company to keep the buzz of Red Bull prevalent in the mind of the consumers as well as innovate and retain current users.

Brand Position: Red Bull is positioned as a premium energy-boosting beverage that revitalizes the body and mind.

Points of Parity: In the saturated market of energy drinks they all claim to boost energy and performance. The ingredients in the majority of the drinks are similar containing b-vitamins and significant amounts of caffeine. Similar brands are: Lucozade, Monster, Rockstar, and Full Throttle

Points of Differences: Red Bull technically exploited the energy boosting drink market. There large focus on word-of-mouth and large network of unique sponsored events keeps their brand fresh in the consumers mind. The are considered a premium drink with premium benefits because of the pricing and packaging appeal. Unlike their closest competitor the can focus exclusively on the Red Bull brand and continue to market towards local target markets instead of marketing to the masses as a whole.

Core Brand Associations: Red Bull is associated with their extreme sports and athletic

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