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Online marketing : The Red Bull case



A closer look at Red Bull’s strategy

Red Bull’s customer base

Red Bull’s strategy

Red Bull marketing strategy

Red Bull’s online marketing

Leveraging the use of Internet and social media

When Red Bull tends to cross the line

How get Red Bull become even better?



Introduction : short review of Red Bull’s history 1

While travelling in Asia, the autrian business man and former marketing manager of Procter & Gamble Dietrich Mateschitz discovered the “tonic drinks” used by truck drivers and factory workers to stay awake and alert during their shifts. He immediately saw an opportunity to market those functionnal …show more content…

The company underwrites a number of extreme sports competitions and sponsors about three dozen athletes from alternative sports.

In the antithesis of any major 's marketing plan, Red Bull buys traditional advertising last. Only when a market is deemed mature does the company begin a media push. The idea is to reinforce, not introduce, the brand. "Media is not a tool that we use to establish the market," said vp-marketing David Rohdy. "It is a critical part. It 's just later in the development."

Red Bull’s marketing strategy

Contrary to traditional advertising practice, Red bull only advertises after it believes a local market is maturing. Instead of traditional advertising, Red Bull relied on a strategy of word-of-mouth or “buzz” marketing. Red Bull focused on creating a buzz through various stealth marketing techniques, playing on associations with energy, danger and youth culture, carefully cultivating its mystique image.
Mateschitz invested 35% of turnover in marketing and sponsorship in events. In his words, “we don’t bring the product to the people, we bring people to the product. We make it available and those who love our style come to us,” adding, “Red Bull isn’t a drink, it’s a way of life.”

The above the line communication: Red Bull gives you wings.

The aim of their advertising campaigns is to reflect

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