Red Bull Case

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Red Bull Gives You Wings: Red Bull’s promotional efforts are unique in a variety of ways when compared to it’s mainstream competitors. Instead of promoting the quality of Red Bull’s taste, they emphasized the effect it had on the drinker such as “increased performance, concentration, reaction time, speed, vigilance, and emotional status” (428). The company gained brand recognition by giving away free samples from a fleet of “logo-bearing off roaders” operated by young attractive operators and word of mouth (429). The company also agreed not to say anything in response to the rumors that flourished about the product ingredient taurine which was said to be a derivative of bull testicles or even bull semen. Instead of trying to put out…show more content…
According to an article written by Natalie Burg, Red Bull appeals to action sports, and they’ve attached themselves to the audience by “speaking in the language and formats they are used to,” such as digital videos and media (Burg, N.). They speak to their audience through the new app which covers action sports, music, e-sports, and lifestyle stories; and Red Bull associates itself with all of these action pact events as a means of conveying that they played a part in it’s success (Burg, N.). The Red Bull marketing team also chose an unlikely promotional program that thrived off of word of mouth after giving away free cans. Besides using traditional marketing techniques like television advertising, Red Bull’s marketer’s primary promotional tactics include “engaging customers through activities so meaningful that deep relationships form.” Overall Red Bull’s promotional techniques match the unique and extremely active lifestyle of their audience by being interactive in the careers of many professional or aspiring athletes across all sports, as well as bands and musicians in the entertainment industry. Red Bull verbally asserts they want to help their sponsored athletes in achieving their dreams, which is consistent with their promotional tactic of offering consumers meaning in their lives and their work. Given Red Bull’s success, it is unlikely that a change in the target market will be needed. Red Bull will thrive if they remain compliant and

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