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CASE STUDY: RED BULL Abhinav Vashistha 3062, TY-B 1. How will you characterize Red Bulls overall global marketing strategy (global, glocal or local)? * Red Bull’s overall global marketing strategy is kind of glocal because on the Global level, Red Bull distinguishes itself from a lot of the beverage market by only offering their product in one size, 8.3 ounce or 250ml cans, which is smaller than typical soft drink. The cans are small, sleek vessels with distinctive printing with more of blue and silver color with the bull’s logo on it, which have been more of described as the ‘European’ styling. With the exception of warning labels, the can design does not vary from country to country unlike other beverages and which…show more content…
By carrying a can of Red Bull, you can boostyour energy level when it seems you’re not going to make it through the shift.Similarly, Red Bull’s initial target was not towards women. Currently, Red Bull working on expanding their product to women who, just like men, can enjoy theboost Red Bull gives you. With the expansion of their target market, along with new advertising techniques, Red Bull can better promote their product and keep up with the competition. 3. Which changes would you suggest for Red bull’s future global marketing mix, in order to meet the future challenges? * Current price of the product is really very high as compared to the market. Change in the pricing strategy would be better as the price compared to the other competitors is three times higher. Lowering the prices will attract more consumers. The pricing of the product should be reconsidered without effecting or compromising on the quality of the product. And under current marketing strategy, the distribution channel should be changed to the large distributers instead of taking the smaller ones. Hiring the larger distributors will take the product to the large masses as there are lot of untapped places where the product has low or almost no reach. This change can help the product with great recognition and higher sales. Also by introducing more television commercials will benefit the product as more population nowadays is on television and

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