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Q1 – How will you characterize Red Bull’s overall global marketing strategy (global, glocal or local)? Ans 1 – It is my opinion that Red Bull has a global marketing strategy which it implements in all the markets in enters into. Red Bull has built its name as a trendy energy drink, catering to young adults (aged 16-29), young urban professionals and post secondary school students. Also it targets young club-goers and private parties to spread its name as an active and stylish drink. Red Bull believes that it is not selling a beverage, but it is selling a ‘way of life’. With their catchy slogan, ‘Red Bull gives you wings’; Red Bull has dominated the energy drink markets of a decade now. These strategies are not doctored for different…show more content…
This is because Red Bull believes that it is offering more to its consumer that just a beverage. Red Bull has become a global phenomenon and is in a class of its own and thus needs to be priced in this way. Therefore it is important to tap those markets where there are people who can afford to purchase the product. The target group for Red Bull in every country does not change therefore these people must be able to purchase the product on a regular basis. Q3- Which changes would you suggest for Red Bull’s future global marketing mix, in order to meet the future challenges? Ans3 – The global markets are becoming increasingly competitive, with new products and new markets opening up, it is imperative that companies keep updating and re-engineering their products to cater to changing consumer needs and fresh trends. Red Bull has believed in keeping a simple production, marketing and distribution strategy. However with the increase in competitors, certain changes in its marketing mix would be beneficial. Red Bull has one product with just two flavor varieties. This simple approach has been extremely beneficial and thus Red Bull is easily distinguished from other brands of energy drinks. It portrays an image of dominance over its competitors. However Red Bull should consider introducing a different packaging size. A smaller Red Bull can could be introduced which would

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