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Executive Summary
This report was commissioned to to plan and develop an integrated marketing communications campaign strategy for Redbull energy drinks. The aim of the report was to rebrand Redbull as an alternative to alcohol on a night out and to recommend ways of increasing sales volume for Redbull energy drinks by 50%.
The research draws attention to the fact that Redbull energy drinks already are the number one energy drink in the world with 4.6 billion cans sold internationally in 2011, the market share of Redbull currently stands at 43%. The shares of their key competitors such as Monster and Rockstar were 39%% and 10% respectively. Further investigations reveal that consumers of energy drinks are more conscious of the health
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Create awareness about the dangers of drink driving.
Promote the sampling of the new red bull by encouraging a partnership program between 100 pubs and clubs across New South Wales.
To increase sales of Redbull by 50% by the end of the campaign period 2014.
Branding : “Red Bull gives you wheels”

USP (Unique Selling Points): Creating and building upon the association with pubs and clubs. Red Bull is now an advocate for social responsibility.
An alternative to alcohol, when on a night out with friends. This fills the need for social inclusion, in a social scenario. Maslow's hierarchy of needs: love and belonging category. Many people become susceptible to loneliness, social anxiety, and clinical depression in the absence of this love or belonging element. This need for belonging may overcome the physiological and security needs, depending on the strength of the peer pressure. (Maslow A.H 1943)
Mother Energy drink , which is owned by Coca-Cola has expanded its Australian range with a new flavour called Mother Green Storm and positioned the product "for consumers who are looking for mother of an energy hit, with naturally soured caffeine" states Steven Ruhl, Mother Marketing Manager.[3] The launch of Mother Green Storm will be accompanied by an integrated marketing communications campaign, including sampling and social media.
V Energy.
V, which is produced by Frucor Beverages, a

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