Red Bull Maketing Plan

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Mina Chan Mei Na 1191375 FIVE-YEAR MARKETING PLAN Red Bull Table of Contents 1. Executive Summary 2. Company Descriptions Red Bull is an energy drink found by Dietrich Mateschitz in Austria in 1984 and began to sell there in 1987 with special marketing strategy, which opened up a new product category in the world in the meantime. Red Bull now contains four types including the original Red Bull energy drink and the other one of sugar-free, the Red Bull energy shot and Red Bull Cola. With increasing demands of Red Bull, it soon expanded to more regions leading to more than 162 nowadays. In Hong Kong, Red Bull energy drink has been available since 1999. Red Bull believes its unique marketing concept can conquer the…show more content…
* Asian market: current Asian market will be further developed by opening up more markets in different regions and rebuilding the company image in the developed region as well. The ultimate goal is to become the premier marketer of functional beverage within 5 years. Target Market Generally, the target groups of consuming functional drinks should be youngsters aged from 15 to 35 years-old, in particular, people enjoy extreme sports, active nightlife and lifestyles. Indeed, Red Bull has differentiated the market into five groups including drivers, students, people who work in office or go out at day and night as well as playing sports (4). Points of Difference The point of difference of Red Bull to make it become the world No.1 energy drink and differentiate with other competitors are: * The pioneer of functional drink that makes consumer feel premier and confident. * Being scientifically proved that the energy drink can really increase concentration and reaction speed, and result in increasing performance. * By owning sport teams and organizing events as part of advertising and promotion, Red Bull portrays a scene that drinking a can of Red Bull will contribute to top performance during contests. Positioning Red Bull has a very clear and unique

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