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Red Bull Marketing Plan Introduction Red Bull, the iconic pioneer of the late 20th century energy drink movement, is enormously successful and popular. Everyone has had days where a cup of coffee seems woefully inadequate, and beverages such as Red Bull “give you wings”, as their slogan promises, and offer a refreshing lift to help people conquer their overfilled schedules and endless meetings. However, with only one flavor and a seemingly narrow target demographic, is Red Bull really capitalizing on their significant brand equity? In this marketing plan, we will discuss the possibilities that lay ahead for Red Bull, including modifications to product, pricing, distribution, and promotional strategies. Since Red Bull is such a…show more content…
Despite the plethora of strengths and opportunities, there are also threats to the product’s success. One of the main threats is the wide variety of competition that has arisen during the past few years. Many companies such as Monster and AMP have created similar energy drinks that offer more options in flavor and a cheaper price per fluid ounce. Further advances from such competitors provide the primary threat to Red Bull’s success. Another threat to Red Bull is the increasing societal focus on consuming products that are healthy and/or all natural. If this health-conscious societal trend continues, the artificial ingredients in Red Bull and the associated health risks could cause the drink to lose significant popularity. Competitive Analysis In any given market you are bound to have competition, in the case of Red Bull, they were the first company to launch their product that is meant to energize and increase performance. Ever since the release of Red Bull products into the United States in 1996 (, they have come across quite a bit of competition. Companies like Monster and Rockstar have since come out with a similar product to Red Bull with a different twist. Considering the fact that these companies are marketing to the same target audience, it is important that they have built up their

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