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Background of Key Problem

The success of Red Bull majorly lies behind their unique marketing strategy which is usually called guerilla marketing, buzz marketing or in simpler words, marketing based completely on Below-the-line activities, word of mouth, endorsements etc. This unconventional marketing has been applied in Pakistan also where instead of executing Above-the-line promotions (which usually work very well in Pakistan and communicate to a larger audience), they have stuck to their unusual styles of marketing and have up till now sustained their position. But whether or not these unconventional strategies can carry on being effective with competitors like Sting and Speed emerging and keeping in mind the behaviors of the
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Income group: Being a high priced luxury product, it can be afforded by upper-middle and the upper class of the society. Social class: The consumption of Red Bull has become a symbol of high class and status.
c) Behavioral Variables Usage Rate: It is high in places of functionality of energy i.e. sports events, parties, concerts etc. Also high at cafes where Red Bull consumption in Sheesha has become a huge attraction for Sheesha lovers. Use Situation: Most popularly used at parties, concerts, gigs, sports events, university events and at cafes. It is also consumed at times of increased mental and physical strain.

Market Need
In our Pakistani culture where body and mind revitalizers are usually tea and coffee, Red Bull aims to provide a different option to people who do not consume tea or coffee. It is a beverage that is solely for energy revitalization. Red Bull primarily aims to provide energy boosters at times of increased mental and physical strain. For instance, the hectic traffic in Pakistan is never an easy thing to go through and a Red Bull after that helps energize you. Other instances are consumption during intensive working days, sports activities and also for students before and after exams. The need for energy revitalization is already there in the Pakistani market and which is popularly being fulfilled by tea or coffee. However, Red Bull aims to provide an option to all those who are not tea or coffee lovers. Depicted as

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