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Overview about Red Bull
Red Bull is an energy drink. Red Bull is an adaptation of the Thai energy drink Krating Daeng, which translates as "Red Bull". Based on market share, it is the most popular energy drink in the world. The company was founded by Thai national Chaleo Yoovidhya and Austrian national Dietrich Mateschitz. Red Bull 's slogan is "it gives you wings" and the product is aggressively marketed through advertising, tournament sponsorship sports team ownerships (Red Bull Racing, Red Bull Salzburg, Red Bull NewYork) and celebrity endorsements. In 2009 it was discovered that RedBull Cola exported from Austria contained trace amounts of cocaine. Mateschitz adapted the product to Western tastes by diluting it, lowering the caffeine
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Pull marketing gets consumers to bring other consumers to the product. In contrast, push marketing uses above-the-line promotional techniques to put products in front of consumers in order to generate sales.

Red Bull extensively uses pull marketing. This approach involves getting consumers excited about the product and conveying this excitement to their family and friends. It is also about trying to get coverage of Red Bull events in the press. This coverage can encourage consumers to find out more about the product. It helps to generate momentum, through creating interesting stories for people to talk about, which in turn help to create brand awareness and grow sales.

The founder of Red Bull used pull marketing to promote his original product in the 1980s. He hired a Red Bull Wings Team to go out and talk to people one-to-one about the product. This helps to create consumer interest in the product. As people experience the drink and appreciate its qualities, they become advocates for the brand. They share their opinions with other consumers when they talk with friends. The promotion therefore creates a ripple effect.
Innovations in promotion

To remain competitive and interact with consumers Red Bull is constantly creating new ways of reaching its audiences online. Red Bull also uses a variety of smart phone applications to promote its campaigns. These methods create connections with

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