Red Bull

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1.1.1 BRAND

Brand is a term that enables the pubic to easily identify a certain company, their offerings in term of goods and product. It is the image that a certain company produces to the public. Brand is a set of expectations, memories, stories and relationship that engaged together, for a consumer’s choice to choose a product or service.

According to Kapferer (2004), brands penetrate almost every aspect of life: social, economic, sporting, cultural and even religion. Brands are direct strategy of market segmentation and product differentiation and it means more than just giving names and signalling to the world. Branding consist of transforming the product category and requires a corporate long-term involvement and a high level of resource and
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Red Bull has its own energy building ingredients and revitalizing qualities and focusses their brand around the theme “Red Bull gives you wings”.


Red Bull does not take advantage of the traditional media, instead they do events sponsors in extreme sporting events and gives out free samples of Red Bull energy drink during the events and let the media cover their stories (Morris, 2015).

Red Bull is known for its Marketing Strategy for its fresh and unique ideas of advertising their products to their international consumer. Red Bull has their own Marketing Mix Implementation Tools, which consist of Public Relation promotions, non-traditional advertising and sponsorships of extreme sports athletes and events. This Marketing Mix is a way for Red Bull to advertise their brand by attracting the traditional media to cover their brand or products in events without creating traditional ads themselves. WINGS

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