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Page 3 – Name of Company, Name/Description of Product, Research Undertaken Page 4-5 – Questionnaire Page 6-15 – Results, Graphs and analysis of data Page 16 – Conclusion of Results Page 17-20 - Are basic customer requirements noticed by the product provider? Page 20-22 – The impact on value chain activities


Name of Company Red Bull Name/ description of Product Red Bull Energy Drink The Red Bull Energy Drink is a stimulating, non-alcoholic beverage, designed to increase the consumer’s mental and physical condition, to ‘vitalize body and mind’: - improves performance - increases concentration and reaction speed 2

- improves vigilance - stimulates metabolism (Red Bull® Energy Drink (2009)
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The concluding results demonstrates both the customer’s values and expectations towards the energy drink, consequently expressing the overall requirements to the product. 1.







We can see from the results that the selected individuals who participated in the survey consisted of both similar numbers from each gender. This was implemented to gain a higher and yet even number of responses, consequently resulting in a more efficient outcome. 2.

Series1 26

10 6

8 2

Under 16




Over 35



Are you aware of the Red Bull Energy Drink?
Series1 50

0 Yes No

The results from this questionnaire depict the fact that Red Bull is an extremely well known brand within the UK population. The fact that 100% of the individuals asked were aware of this product demonstrates the highly successful marketing strategy implemented by this organisation. 4.

Are you a consumer of energy drinks?
Series1 39




From the selected individuals who completed the questionnaire, 78% of them considered themselves as a consumer of energy drinks or such products. This implies that they regularly purchase a form of energy drink, whereas the other 22% may have only consumed a maximum of one. These results demonstrate that there is a high and constant demand for these products. The attributes contained

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