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Case: Red Bull Red Bull’s success is a result of a great marketing strategy including product placement and creating brand loyalty. Success is also a result of avoiding marketing myopia. Red Bull accomplished this by claiming to satisfy more than just your thirst. Dietrich Mateschitz took the energy drink concept of Krating Daeng in Thailand and broadened it usage by also marketing Red Bull as a sports drink, functional drink, and nutritious drink. Their success was also stemmed from their marketing approach to reach their consumers directly by “word of mouth” concept. After early success, Red Bull has repositioned itself in the market after they failed disastrously in the United Kingdom in 1996. Red Bull moved its marketing…show more content…
Red Bull made a few changes in how they were going to enter the U.S. market in 1997. Instead of launching nationwide, Red Bull decided to launch its product in specific geographic areas also known as “cells.” They distributed product primarily in trendy cities in order to get high visibility which and the “word of mouth” advertising spread nationwide. Red Bull maintained its strategy of “word of mouth” but was much more cautious by launching it in test markets. Red Bull’s strategy of releasing in smaller markets and allowing popularity to spread played an important part in their success in the U.S. market. At this point I don’t see any changes that would be proportionately beneficial. Since several other competitors has entered the market, Red Bull can protect its franchise by broadened its product line and extending the brand’s reach. They can also consider correcting an oversaturated market. Holding a can of Red Bull no longer has the prestige that it once did. Unlike Coca-Cola, I think Red Bull could benefit from a slight formula update and possibly a makeover. Finally I think they should refocus on the niche markets by going by to more personal, individual style of marketing. In order to have any chance of taking a larger share of the

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