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Executive Summary:

From conducting this report it was found that Red Bull energy drink is facing some problems, the main one of which is the negative media that it has been receiving. However both primary and secondary research shown that negative publicity does not affect buyer behaviour to a great extent.

Secondary research clearly states that Red Bull contains excessive amount of chemicals, some publications even compare it to highly addictive drugs as well as blaming the product for some deaths. Secondary data also helped us identify a growing number of competitors that Red Bull has, the number exceeds a hundred. However, surprisingly to most, secondary research reports show that the sales of the product are increasing each year
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Red Bull's popularity has spawned countless imitations, including Blue Ox, Red Rooster, American Bull, Boost, Red Thunder, Shark etc. Overall, Red Bull has created a category that currently includes 125 products. Several supermarkets groups have created their own house brands. Examples include Tesco's Cranberry Diet Kick and ASDA's Lemon & Lime flavoured version. All of these new brands make up Red Bull's growing competition (

Another issue which Red Bull is facing since shortly after its launch is the negative publicity about the health risks that the drink leads to. Red Bull has been flagged by some health regulators as a potential danger. Countries such as Denmark and France have banned the drink from their markets, however the popularity of the drink especially amongst students is just increasing. It is now seen as trendy or ‘cool' to purchase the drink to ‘keep you going'.

Overall we believe that this topic would be of a value because it would be interesting to see whether bad publicity and health scares of this product have had any affect on the consumer behaviour, and their buying patterns. Also with increasing competition coming into the market, it would be relevant to see how, if in any way, the Red Bull has been affected.

To start of this report we will highlight our main objectives, these will be clearly stated and summarised. It will follow on with

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