Red Bull Singapore and China

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Project 1: Red Bull Case Singapore Blue can will be more successful in the market of Singapore, because higher marketing budgets, high proportion of immigrants and low UAI of Singapore. 1.1 The cultural dimension and society in Singapore Picture 1 Hofstede’s cultural dimension Singapore According to Hofstede’s cultural dimension, we can know that Singapore has some characters: Low IDV Low UAI Besides, there are more and more overseas migrants in Singapore. In 2010, the proportion of Singaporeans to overseas immigrants is 3:1. And income per capital in Singapore is around USD$37,000, which means that the average consumption expenditure of Singaporean was powerful. High proportion of immigrant High consumption power 1.2 Red Bull…show more content…
Blue can has more capacity (because the capital of Red Bull GmbH is more than that of Kratingdaeng) to sponsor racing fleet and fit more with customers’ communication expectation than gold can. Furthermore, blue can has more capacity to sponsor other extreme sports or to hold marketing campaign, which can increase its brand image. Blue can has higher market share in global market; Gold can is only sold in Asian country. The immigrants (1/4 of Singaporeans) tend to buy blue can, so do tourists from overseas. With low UAI, Singaporeans are easily to change. Although the market share of gold can in Singapore is higher than that of blue can currently, blue can has a chance to change customers’ consumption. And with low IDV, bandwagon effect works actively. Once blue can has a certain number of loyal customers, the sales will keep go up easily. At last, Singaporeans have high consumption power, so the higher price of blue can will not be a problem. And the difference of value share between gold can and blue can had been decreasing from 2007 to 2008. As a result, we think blue can will have a chance to surpass gold can and be more successful in the market of Singapore. 4/9 2011 Communicating Across Cultures 2 China Gold can will be more successful in the market of PRC. Because the identity (position) and the price of gold can fits more with

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