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Red Bull – #Summer is here
Prepared for: Social Media Marketing, GMA 2012, ESSEC Business School Prepared by: Ekaterina Hadjipetkova Date: 18.08.2012

1. OVERVIEW 1.1 Company profile Red Bull GmbH. is a privately held, Austrian based company operating in the energy drink business. Red Bull GmbH engages in the marketing and sales of energy drinks in more than 160 countries. Red Bull is the beverage for athletes, professionals, students - short for everybody who needs some energy - in Europe, the Americas, Australasia, Africa and Japan. Today, Red Bull is selling more than 4 billion cans with a product portfolio of only 4 beverages (Fig.1 Appendix). 1.2 Marketing strategy 1.2.1 Overview Red Bull is known to be an innovative brand not
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It offers a unique variety of media content in lifestyle, fun and sports that fuels further Red Bull marketing content. The media house holds stakes in TV, print, music, mobile and digital. 1


Ekaterina Hadjipetkova – Red Bull Case – Social Media Marketing

2.2 Red Bull – Summer is coming (

The reason why I choose to analyze Red Bull “Summer is coming” is two-fold. On the one hand, the campaign is recent, simple, fun and exhibits a cross-platform strategy with strong consumer involvement. On the other hand, the marketing campaign exhibits an amplification of a new marketing tool that has recently become a trend among companies looking to expand their social media reach, namely Instagram. 2.2.1 Description: “Summer is coming” was launched by RedBull USA in

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