Red Bull, The Leading Producer And Pioneer For Energy Drinks Essay

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For our Marketing Plan Project, we chose to research the company Red Bull, the leading producer and pioneer for energy drinks. Within this market, Red Bull offers functional beverages with the intention of boosting alertness and energy while relieving mental and physical stress. Our research will focus on Red Bull’s North American segment, as their beverage lines are mainly targeted towards this market, allowing us to bring more depth and analysis to our project.

Immediate Environment

Company Background Red Bull GmbH was co-founded over 25 years ago by Austrian marketer Dietrich Mateschitz and Thai pharmacist Chaleo Yoovidhya (Pangarkar & Agarwal, 2013). The original formula was invented by Yoovidhya as a pharmaceutical product until it was discovered by Mateschitz who was traveling in Thailand on a business trip ("Selling energy", 2002). Red Bull’s sole product line is energy drinks, comprising its original modified formula along with multiple flavoured spin-offs ("Red Bull Gives You Wings", 2016). These beverages are sold in convenience stores and supermarkets, with a case of 4 cans costing an average of $6 ("Red Bull Energy Drink", 2016). The company’s ubiquitous motto, “Red Bull Gives You Wings”, has become synonymous with the product value to restore mental alertness, but has since grown to represent the brand’s unorthodox approach to marketing. In addition to its beverages, the company has invested in the music and sports industries through

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