Red Bull 's Design Team

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Customer Requirements

Red Bull’s design team have asked for a downhill kart to be created. Red Bull has a rough idea of how they want the kart to look and perform, they have asked for their idea to be designed and made more efficient. The company called Red Bull originates from Australia and now operate in multiple countries. Red Bull started in 1987, their original product was an energy drink and has now grown to sponsor extreme sporting events and have also been known to create their own events. In addition to all of their own events, Red Bull has decided to create a downhill karting event which will be held in the French resort of Morzine, during the summer 2015. Most current off road kart designs have engines which is something Red Bull did not want therefore they have asked for a kart without an engine. Along with no engine, Red Bull want the kart to be able to travel at high speeds over uneven ground with no form of propulsion other than gravity.
Three design concepts are required, one of which will go to prototype stage and will be subjected to safety testing and strength tests. The kart material should have a high strength rating as the kart has to be able to withstand large impact forces along with large torsion forces.
Red Bull has taken all cost factors into account and has set a budget of £10,000. This is to cover all costs from labour to materials. The figure has been calculated by looking at the average labourers’ rate of pay which is £7.54 an hour, as…

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