Red Bull 's Strengths And Opportunities

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With regards to the Red Bull SFAS chart, making a TOWS chart for them further explains their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats and exactly what to do with their set of attributes. Strengths/Opportunities Red Bull’s strengths and opportunities really focus on their brand, consumers and their exposure. This section discusses how they can utilize these key points to gain further improvement based off what they are already succeeding in. The first point is Red Bull taking advantage of their overall expansion by focusing on key target markets. With such a fast expanding product, they can focus on certain areas that are weaker than the rest. Taking a step back as a company and making the weaker market areas stronger by…show more content…
Weaknesses/ Opportunities Red Bull’s weaknesses and opportunities focuses on what their product offers, setbacks and branding. The first point is having one main product, which they can use their overall expansion to bring more exposure to their product. Their main product is their original Red Bull Energy drink. However, with their large exposure in the energy drink and sports industry, it brings product recognition to the sole product that they sell. The second point is their branding in the sports industry and utilizing this to overcome the fact that they do not have a patent on their energy drink product. By making their brand larger than life and appearing to be untouchable, other companies will not want to interfere with their product, design and methodology. By being so successful, imitation brands that replicate their look or even taste will not even matter because it is not a trusted brand and is essentially a knock off of Red Bull. Putting more effort in their branding will assist their brand loyalty to further negate replica brands/ beverages. Threats/ Strengths Red Bull’s threats and weaknesses focuses on health issues and competitiveness in the market. The first point covers health/ medical issues concerning energy drinks. Red Bull can define their target market to reinforce the health conscious market or try and avoid it. Energy drinks alike contain high levels of sugar, caffeine, taurine and other vitamins essential to energy

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