Red Bull's Biggest Sales

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Red Bull’s biggest sales months happen to be in the summertime, therefore this is important for us to be at our best throughout the hundred days of summer. For the month of June, Red Bull Philadelphia is given the goal of 130,000 cases of product to sell throughout the entire month. There are many different ways that we will be able to accomplish this sales goal. The company has spent so much money over time training our employees to achieve our goals. The main part of our training comes from our companies’ business sales model which is leadership, main effort, values, and environment. This model is the main reason why Red Bull is number one in the energy category throughout the world. To start off with how we plan on accomplishing this goal, I want to talk about the team that is going to get us where we need to be.
Upper Management:
• Regional Sales Manager- This position is in charge of everything that goes on at Red Bull in the northeast region of the country.
• General Sales Manager- This person is in charge of the Philadelphia Area and the satellite warehouses that we have in Pleasantville, nj and also in Seaford, MD. The two satellite warehouses are also included in the 130,000 case volume as well.
Mid-Midlevel Management:
• District Sales Manager- These people are in charge of a team of around five or six account sales managers. Their main goal is to help the sales people out with whatever is need to get the job done. Whether it is talking to store managers,…

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