Red Glass Analysis

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Looking Through the Red Glass Throughout Red Glass, by Laura Resau, the characters have to overcome many changes. One character that changes dramatically is the main character, Sophie. At the beginning of the novel, Sophie is introduced as a sheltered girl, terrified of the outside world. Sophie experiences many things that influence her to become a young woman that is willing to sacrifice her safety for the people she loves. She is influenced mostly by the antagonist, Angel. Angel supports Sophie in ways that make her want to change herself. Sophie changes positively throughout the story into a strong, fearless person, and Angel’s love for her is what makes her capable of that change. Sophie introduces herself in the story as a nerdy, outcasted teenage girl, “I always thought of myself as a free-floating one-celled amoeba, minding my own business. The other kids at school were all parts of a larger organism. . . Not particularly noticed, definitely not appreciated, just an amoeba swimming around aimlessly” (9). Sophie feels as if she does not belong where she grew up, she has always felt like she was on the outside. Her father, a drug dealer and felon, left her mother when she was first born. Because of her extreme self-esteem issues, Sophie blames herself for her father leaving. She recalls what she believes happened when she was born, “When Mom was a teenager, I started making her belly fat. And then my dad left. And then I was born too soon. And he came back to get us.
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