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Red Hot Chili Peppers A passion for foods from the American Southwest is sweeping through the country. The main component and most popular item of this fad is the chili pepper, an item of tremendous variability and a staple of many people in Central America. In this country, chili peppers were once only found in specialized ethnic stores, but now it is just as likely to be found at the neighborhood Kroger. For most people, however, their knowledge stops here. Through this paper I hope to educate the reader on some other aspects of this intriguing vegetable, such as its history, chemistry, and uses. There is some confusion over what a "chili pepper" is. To many it is only the hot varieties of pepper, such as the jalapeno or the…show more content…
Dr. Chanca described chili peppers as the native's principle food and compared them to the turnip (Andrews 1984). The seeds of the chili pepper were brought back to Spain, where it was grown in monastery gardens. Portuguese traders then spread the chili peppers to many far flung locations, such as India, Indonesia, and Persia (Andrews 1984). Chile peppers became popular due to their great variability in size, shape, and color. Unfortunately, this long proved to be a problem for the taxonomists, who frequently had trouble telling the difference between a different variety and a different species. It wasn't until the 1950's that it was decided that there were five main species of chili peppers, and twenty wild ones (Proulx 1985). The five main species are: Capsicum annum, Capsicum frutescens, Capsicum chinense, Capsicum baccatum, and Capsicum pubescens. However, it is considered impossible to develop a system of classification that would cover all of the chili peppers, due to the great variation among the members of the same species, especially in places such as Mexico (Smith, Villalon, and Villa 1987). Man's interest in chili peppers has resulted in new varieties, such as the TAM Jalapeno, Hidalgo Serrano, and Numex Big Jim, which have a milder flavor or are more resistant to disease. In order to make chili peppers more palatable to the public, chili pepper breeders are breeding varieties that are
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