Red Hot Chili Peppers-Personal Narrative

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“Quick! Name three songs by the Red Hot Chili Peppers!” “Uh, Venice Queen, Under The Bridge, and Suck My Kiss.” , I replied shakily as I was nervous. “Wow. That’s impressive. I was going to give you the tickets even if you didn’t name the songs.” , the radio announcer replied. I breathed out in relief and began to smile. I had just won concert tickets to see a band that i’ve been obsessed with ever since I was a kid and I could not have been happier. After the silence on the line, he began asking me a bunch of questions about the band. “You really are a big fan. How old are you?” “15.”, I answered with the biggest grin on my face. We continued with the conversation for a few more minutes, said our goodbyes, and then hung up. My mom began…show more content…
You guys were slowing me down so I just ran through the crowd.”, I replied, scared at her response. “Well call me when the show is over. We are standing by the hot dog stand we passed earlier.”, she said and hung up the phone. I slid my phone back into my pocket and got the camera around my neck ready to shoot. I began to hear the mass of people around me begin to shout and scream. I looked up and saw Anthony Kiedis walking out on stage, along with the rest of his band. Jumping, I began to scream and yell. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. Chad Smith, the drummer, began drumming the the beat of Can’t Stop and I immediately began screaming to the lyrics. This was the the apex of my life. I was so happy I could feel my heart swelling inside of my chest. After the show was over, I called my mom and made my way over to the hot dog stand where my mom said she was standing by. I saw brother first. He was walking out of the restrooms and heading over to my mom. “Eric!”, I yelled attempting to grab his attention. He looked around and finally spotted me. He pointed towards the hot dog stand and I made my way over. “I cannot believe you just left uf like that!”, my mom exclaimed, “You could have been
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