Red Jacket By Phillis Wheatley

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Red Jackets’ “Reply to the Missionary Jacob Cram” and the poems written by Phillis Wheatley both have something in common. Belief in a God/god(s). Red Jacket provides that in his culture there is the belief in the Great Spirit which Jacob Cram wants to change to the almighty God and Phillis Wheatley shows how what she went through as a slave brought her to an un-denying devotion to God. Religion is something that has developed continually over the years, but one thing has remained the same… every individual has their own God or god(s) that they profess their faith in. What does the belief in a Great Spirit or the belief in God reveal about Red Jacket and Phillis Wheatley? It reveals who they are as an individual, how they live their life, their character, and also shows their past and how they have gotten where they are today. Red Jacket, also known as Sagoyewatha, was a noteworthy Seneca orator whom was awarded by the British during the Revolutionary War for being a message runner. The Seneca community of Indians believed in the Great Spirit, and only the Great Spirit. In Red Jacket’s “Reply to the Missionary Jacob Cram” he tells that the Great Spirit provided their forefathers with things to help them survive such as animals for food and the skin of the animals for clothing, “He had caused the earth to produce the corn for bread. And all he had done for his Red children because he loved them.” Red Jacket and the rest of the Seneca Indians were strong in their faith in
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