Red Light Cameras Research Paper

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Receiving a traffic violation ticket can be a very nerve wrecking experience for many people and for several different reasons. Not knowing what the ticket is for or not being in a financial position to cover an extra unexpected expense is very stressful for one individual. Being pulled over by a police officer is also a very nerve wrecking experience especially when the reason is unknown but even more nerve wrecking when the reason is known. But the chances of a police officer waiting at an intersection for traffic violators is very slim. Thanks to technology, police officers are no longer needed at intersections and traffic lights, they are being replaced by ‘Red-light Cameras’. The human eye is limited and makes it very difficult for…show more content…
Slow down and stop or speed up to get through it, it all depends on the distance and the speed travelling. The yellow light means to slow down, however, most people do not; they take a chance and go through it. Now after the invention and installation of red-light cameras all over the world, drivers have an even bigger decision to make. Go through the yellow light and take the chance of getting a ticket if the light turns red or try to stop regardless of the speed the car is moving. Though the reasonable answer would be to stop, it’s not that simple. A lot of drivers hesitate while driving, especially when it comes to yellow lights. So, if a driver hesitates, and decides he doesn’t want to take the chance of getting a ticket then the only other option would be to slam on the brakes and take the chance of causing an accident. This reason is one out of many to prove red light cameras to be unnecessary on the streets. An “increase of 5% in the number of injury crashes. The number of rear-end crashes turned out to have increased significantly.” (De). Not only can these cameras mess up financial situations, but now it’s causing accidents. It is crazy to think that making something “good” for the world turns out to be for the worst. Statistics show that these cameras need to be taken down and thrown in the trash. This invention was supposed to prevent accidents and it is actually causing them.…show more content…
But getting one through the mail, unnoticed is outrageous. New York Times reporter John Quaint agrees when making this statement in his article, “A $50 ticket for running a red light is unpleasant enough, but when it is received in the mail without warning, generated from an unmarked camera, it can cause resentment.” Majority of the people in the world have bills to pay. Regardless of the amount of income a family has coming in, the bills are due and any extra or unexpected bills can have a great effect and can even cause financial restraint. The amount of income that sustains each American home varies by the millions, but there are many people that live from paycheck to paycheck. Living from paycheck to paycheck means that an individual’s or a household’s total income matches their total expenses with little to no extra funds remaining to save or to splurge. People with financial situations just as this cannot afford to receive any unexpected bills because they simply cannot afford to pay it. Being forced to pay extra bills causes people to go into debt. These people end up owing the government money that they do not have, or if they decided to borrow the money from a loved one, they then owe that person money, or vice versa. All of this just because there are no signs warning people that they are being watched. Not only can a red light violation ticket cause someone to go into debt, it can also
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