Red Lobster: Market Research Reveals What’s Fresh Today

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UNIVERSIDAD DE LA SABANA MARKETING CASES CASE STUDY 6 RED LOBSTER: MARKET RESEARCH REVEALS WHAT’S FRESH TODAY BACKGROUND “Here at Red Lobster we’re passionate about serving our guests great seafood. It’s why we go the extra mile to bring you the best dining experience possible. Our fishermen take pride in catching only the highest quality seafood, and the freshest fish. Our grill master’s expertly perfect flavors, cooking seafood and steak over a wood fire grill. And our servers pull out all the stops to make every dining experience feel extra special. It’s our passion. It’s our pride. Because at Red Lobster, we Sea Food differently.” [1] The company's founder, Bill Darden, opened his first restaurant, The Green Frog, at age…show more content…
[3] [pic][pic] Original El segundo spot de 30 segundos de televisión, "Master Grill", debutó el 25 de julio en los Estados Unidos y se estrenará el 8 de agosto en Canadá y cuenta con uno de los cocineros certificados de Red Lobster, Charles Himple. PEOPLE INVOLVED Kim Lodrup Red Lobster’s President He has been vice president of business development at Darden restaurants Inc. But at first he was hired as marketing specialist, to revitalize the image of Red Lobster, due to low customer satisfaction, a year later, in 2004 he was promoted to president of the company, while still in the vice presidential Darden, characterized by highlighting the experience of Red Lobster in seafood and seafood based on three stages, a reshaping operations to improve the efficiency of these, for example, to improve over time clearance orders, the second phase, shifts the focus from low prices for fresh food, and finally, it was proposed to increase restaurant sales. Its purpose is to position Red Lobster as the best seafood restaurant in the world, located Lodrup customer preferences through market research, and always tries to deliver additional value to customers. Salli

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