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The Red lobster’s mission statement states that “Here at Red Lobster we’re passionate about serving our guests great seafood. It’s why we go the extra mile to bring you the best dining experience possible. Our fishermen take pride in catching only the highest quality seafood, and the freshest fish. Our grill master’s expertly perfect flavors, cooking seafood and steak over a wood fire grill. And our servers pull out all the stops to make every dining experience feel extra special. It’s our passion. It’s our pride. Because at Red Lobster, we Sea Food Differently.” This is a very good mission statement seeing that it identifies most of the policies that a mission statement should provide. It states how the employees will deal with the…show more content…
A business document without data is of no value. To obtain good data/examples, you have to conduct extensive research about the firm. For instance, if customer service is a weakness, you can find numerous examples of bad customer service from consumer review sites such as Urban spoon, and Similarly, if consumer spending is a threat, find sources that substantiate your point. Cite the sources. Comment [P1]: Always use section headings in your report. Don’t just provide a blob of text. Marketing Variables Major Strength Minor Strength Neutral Minor Weakness Major Weakness Hi Med Low 1. External environment analysis– opportunities and threats Every business is affected by external environmental forces. For example, increase in number of competitors, new technologies, economic recession, change in demographics, etc. What are the most significant changes that you believe will affect this chain’s business in the next two to five years? Explain why. 2. Internal environment analysis– strengths and weaknesses What are your strengths (resources, employees, products & services). How will they help you take advantage of the above mentioned opportunities? What are your weaknesses and how will you overcome them using your strengths? What needs to be fixed? Services Characteristics Intangibility Red Lobster combats intangibility by creating a memorable and enjoyable casual dining experience for every customer that walks in the door. They are

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