Red Lotus Of Chastity Analysis

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In Machiavelli’s “The Prince”, Machiavelli is able to express and display his own theories and views on how a prince should act in certain situations. The style that Machiavelli uses to explain himself it is very straight forward and most of the time the opposite of what people would think. Machiavelli’s concept of being a lion and fox appears in Somadeva’s “The Red Lotus of Chastity” , where two of the main characters Devasmita and the nun, Yogakarandita, both attempt to follow Machiavelli’s concept of being a fox and a lion. However, Devasmita is the only one that fully uses Machiavelli’s concept and comes out with a victory against the nun, which on the other hand did not use both attributes but instead pretended to. What transpires from…show more content…
Devasmita’s devotion to her husband was something very strong due also to the “Red Lotus”, a matching tattoo that would fade away in case one of them would be unfaithful. She knew that her husband would be faithful to her while he was away in a business trip, but she was still jealous. Since the beginning when the nun, Yogakandarita comes closer to Devasmita’s house, she tries to outplay her by revealing to her that, she saw her in her dreams, which is untrue and Devasmita instantly knew she was lying and trying to trick her but Devasmita used the fox nature, by playing the game with her and going along with what the nun just said to her. However, the nun gives away her plan pretty soon, “There are some merchant’s sons in town from the Archipelago who are staying in town. I shall bring them to you if you want. Overjoyed the nun went home” (pg. 965). With this quote we see the nun using the fox nature and when the nun criticize Devasmita for not following her duty, that’s the point in which she gets caught lying but unfortunately for her, Devasmita is able to see through the nun’s plan and that just proves that the nun failed as a fox, because a smart fox should always be focused and don’t let anything distract her, but in this case her over enjoyment of the situation, revealed her double face scheme as a heartless lion to the clever…show more content…
However, he strongly promoted a no religious society and he also felt that morality wasn’t necessary as well as loyalty to the citizens, a prince cannot be both feared and loved, otherwise he would lose his power. All of these centered characteristic that a person should be able to accustom to themselves may sound uncivilized and very self centered but, as we seen in “The Red Lotus of Chastity” , the concept of using both different natures of a lion and fox helped Devasmita to overcome her enemies and getting her life back in order, despite the fact that the society doesn’t approve nor glorify those
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