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RED MANGO Current Marketing Strategy As a private company, Red Mango 's current strategy can only be ascertained by analyzing its corporate communications, its past and current business moves, and media reports. The company appears poised to become the next "hot franchise." There has been open speculation about an eventual initial public offering of stock, with The New York Times describing a stock offering as "seemingly inevitable." Red Mango continues to expand in greater Los Angeles and New York City. Not incidentally, these are the two largest media markets in the United States. Los Angeles and New York are populated with many upscale, media-centric trendsetters who relish being on the cutting edge of retail, cultural and…show more content…
Due to its strong brand and its solid financial backing – not to mention its substantial market expertise in the high-end frozen dessert segment gained through its experience in South Korea – Red Mango is Red Mango 's most significant global competitor. Kiwiberri recently opened a location in Beverly Hills with a design identical to Red Mango 's. When the owner was asked about similarities to Red Mango, he remained vague. After Red Mango threatened to take legal action the original Kiwiberri logo was revised. Kiwiberri 's plan is to differentiate itself partly by building attractive stores, spending about $500,000 on each build-out. Of course, it maintains its product tastes better than Red Mango. Snowberry has nine locations in California, New York, Washington State and Georgia. This competitor features low-fat frozen yogurt in three flavors (instead of Red Mango 's two): Original, Green Tea and Peach with multiple toppings. Cefiore serves "Italian nonfat yogurt" at 17 stores – 11 in Southern California and the remaining stores in Nevada, Washington, Hawaii and Kentucky. The company has announced plans to open franchises elsewhere in the U.S. TCBY (The Country 's Best Yogurt) has been selling frozen treats since 1981. Historically, it has been one of the largest marketers of frozen yogurt in the United States. At its height in the early- and mid-1990s, TCBY had over 2,700 locations.

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