Red Miscommunication

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This past weekend, my little sister and I were making and decorating Christmas cookies when we experienced a miscommunication. I was trying to add food coloring to frosting so that it would become red, but no matter how much I added, it still looked pink. My sister kept suggesting that I add one drop of blue food coloring to make it look more red, and I kept disagreeing because I knew it would turn purple. Finally, when I couldn’t get it to change from pink, I added just one drop of blue to appease her, and then it, of course, changed to purple. My sister then told me that I should have just made green instead. I decoded this as my sister kept telling me what to do because she thought I was being stupid for not being able to make red, so I got upset. However, my sister did not intend that, so there was a miscommunication.…show more content…
Throughout the conversation, we were both receivers and sources. The channels by which the message was communicated was verbal words, body language, and tone of voice. There wasn’t a large effect of noise in this situation because there was no physical noise around us, not even a radio, but there probably was a little bit of physiological and psychological noise because we were both a little tired and probably had a couple other things on our mind at the time. Hailey wanted to send the message to me that it was unfortunate I chose to make red because the red food coloring was bad, and she chose to encode it in the words “You should have just made green.” However, I decoded this as Hailey thought I messed up because I made a stupid decision, so I got upset. She quickly apologized because she took note of the feedback I was giving her when I slumped my shoulder, got a sad look on my face, and let out a
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