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|Persuasion and Negotiation Log | |
|Bus 330/Management and Organizations | |

To encourage you to think about the many everyday opportunities you have to persuade and negotiate with others, and to improve these skills, you are being asked to go out and negotiate a series of five or more trades over the course of two weeks starting with a paperclip and ending with something
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2 pencils ($1) |October 28, 2012 |Paris Davis |Fraternity Brother |
| |My roomate actually asked if I had a paper clip or stapler, and then I instantly remembered about the |
|Comments About the Trade: |project. I just casually asked for 2 pencils in return in which he was happily to trade with me. After, I |
| |felt that I could have got something better, but I was very eager to just start the projcet and did not |
| |even think about a better deal since he really needed it. |
| |Date of Trade |Name of Person You Traded With |Your Relationship with the person |
|Item (Include Monetary Value) | | | |
|2. Tobacco[dip] ($3) |October 29, 2012 |Ben Ung |Fraternity Brother |
| | |
|Comments About the Trade: |He was on the way to class and needed a pencil. I
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