Red Pepper Advertising Agency: Results Of Being A Distracted Driver

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Essay 1: Advertisement

Red Pepper advertising agency came out with this advertisement to help show people the result of being a distracted driver. The ad says that during school holidays the number of car accidents involving a child will increase. Red Pepper Agency is trying to give one the perspective of what could actually happen in an interesting way; because it will give someone a clear picture of ways one could be distracted, the result of it, and how easy it could happen to anyone. It is appropriate for its culture because it gives light to people on the consequences of their actions. The ad shows the image of a couple, not knowingly, about to run over a child. The agency wants people to think of it from "both sides"; which is why
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In order to help avert an accident involving a child, this ad tries to motivate whoever is looking at it to not be distracted while driving. Some examples shown in the picture of possible distractions are the phone and the map. While the man shown is talking on his phone, he is also attempting to look a the map and not even glancing at the road. The woman in the picture is viewed by holding the map and trying to navigate; while her eye contact is on the man beside her and not on the road. This advertisement definitely wants to play focus on your emotions that will contribute to looking at the picture. The edges of the photo are dark and gray, but they increasingly grow lighter just enough to play full focus on the child. The ad shows the kid in front of the car about to get hit, with the face of their innocent child in the backseat. You can see the child screaming with his hand up, trying to obtain the driver's attention. There is a way that the author positioned woman with her hand up just like the young child, however, her action was displayed as if she did not care. The child in the backseat has a face of confusion or almost fear as if he might know what would be going on. They set this up in a certain way to try to truly show you the consequences of one action, and how it can lead to multiple actions resulting in something
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