Red Pyramid Research Paper

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The Red Pyramid was made during the Old Kingdom in Dahshu and is also known as the North Pyramid. The Red Pyramid is 104 meters (345 ft.) long. This pyramid was built for Pharaoh Sneferu. This pyramid took about 11-17 years to build and was made with more than 150 layers of stone! The Red Pyramid was not always red. People took some of the white Tura limestone for buildings in Cairo, revealing the red limestone beneath.
Inside it’s very 19th centuryish. There are 1 burial chamber and 2 smaller chambers that lead to the empty burial chamber. There is a Mortuary temple that lies east of the pyramid. This is very interesting because Snefru was the first Pharaoh to use the east-west alignment of the Egyptian temples to match the path of the Sun. Apparently, the mortuary temple was built in a hurry when Pharaoh Sneferu died. It is now almost ruined, but people have tried to rebuild it.It is thought that the son of Pharaoh Snefru, Pharaoh Khufu, buried his father in the burial chamber. For some strange reason, no remains have been found. A lot of historians believe Pharaoh Sneferu was buried in the Red Pyramid and later taken out of the Red Pyramid by a thief.
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The reason the red pyramid is called the Red Pyramid, is because the limestone that they used was red .Remember that this is the 3rd largest pyramid in Egypt. This is one of the only pyramids that can still be toured. This pyramid still has casing stones. The tallest pyramid, the pyramid of Giza, was made by Sneferu’s son. The reason why the Red Pyramid is smaller is due to the slope being a lot broader and longer than the Great Pyramid’s. This had the first capstone as a roof of an Egyptian pyramid. Some Egyptians call this pyramid, el-heram el- wat-waat, which means the Bat
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