Red Riding Hood : The Story Of Little Red Riding Hood

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Little Red Riding Hood “Once upon a time there was a sweet little girl who always wore a red hood. . .” Most people know the story of little red riding hood. A mother sending her young daughter to bring some treats to her sick grandmother. The mother made sure that little red riding hood understands that the woods can be dangerous. She should not get distracted talking to strangers or looking at pretty things. She should stay on her trail to her grandmother home, but poor little girl did not expect to run into a big bad wolf. The wolf had a trick up his sleeve and steered little red riding hood off her trail to pick beautiful flowers. A good deed gone totally wrong all because little red riding failed to listen to her mother, after she warned her about how dangerous it can be if she goes off trail. Meanwhile, the wolf went straight to the grandmothers’ house and knocked on the door pretending to be little red riding hood. “Hello, who is at the door?” Yelled the grandmother from her bedroom. “Hello grandmother, it is little red, your granddaughter” Said the wolf mimicking little red riding hood’s voice. Grandmother responding confused “I was not expecting you today, are you sick? You sound a little strange.” The wolf immediately knew he had have a good response or she will not fall his trick. He replies quickly “Why, yes grandmother. I am sick, came down with a cold the other day. I came to bring you some tea to help us feel better.” She fell for the trick and went to open
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