Red River Analysis

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Red River by Lalita Tademy At some point in our lives, we all took a history class and learned about the Slave Trades, the Civil War and the Reconstruction Era. Whether it was in elementary school, high school, or even in college, we all got a sense of that history and happened during that time frame. From what I learned, the impression that I got from what these history books were explaining was that, first, white people went to Africa and gathered hundreds and thousands of people, took them on boats to and turned them into slaves. Then after years have passed, good ol’ President Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves and blacks and whites lived equally ever after. Although these events did happen, textbooks still managed to “sugarcoat”…show more content…
Israel was a black man who just wanted a better life for him and his children. However, it seemed like he somewhat favored Noby over David (even though David was the oldest). The reason for this was because David wasn’t his biological father. As Tademy explains, “Noby is so obviously from his seed, David is so obviously not. Noby, his stolen child, stolen from slavery, stolen from death. The first of his seed to live with him in freedom [...] David was born while most of the white men were away fighting for the confederacy. Israel thought he was fully prepared to embrace Lucy’s child when David came. even though he was issue of Lucy’s other man. But Israel was sicken when he saw the boy child for the first time. He had felt his insides to become a hard knot of disgust and rage pale as dried hay, with deep set eyes, an unnatural grayish color and whips of straight, light brown hair on his head. For Lucy’s sake, Israel tried to interest himself in little David, to hold him close, but all he can think about was which white man on the old place had forced himself on Lucy and planted this child” (Tademy). During the time of slavery, not only were African Americans were treated unfairly, but their women had it worse at times; African American women would be raped would be raped by their owners, or be trafficked around from man to man (Browne-Marshall). The white man was seen as evil, disgusting and cruel, so being a black woman carrying a white man’s child was basically
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