Red River War Literature Review

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This assignment aims to extend the importance of Southern History through the Red River War of 1974 by exploring the end of territories belonging to Southern Native Tribes. While designed for the review of Professor J. Chism and the awareness of the Red River War Battle Sites Project to other students, the study will work as a means to relate the United States Army’s “campaign against the Indians” to the New South (Cruse, 52). Though intended to teach college-level students or higher, Battles of the Red River War portrays another account of southern racial-sectarianism and violence. The book describes the conflict between the United States Army and the Southern Native Tribes and “the army’s duty to not only put the Indians on the reservations…show more content…
As a student of History 4305: History of The New South From 1865, this study requires me to process the found ideas and methods. Researching this topic will give me the chance to explore these areas and use the new information to effectively complete this course. This assignment will demonstrate my capability to understand and evaluate several aspects of History in the New South, such as race, ideology, power, and dominance. The Red River War of 1874 will connect with such themes covered in this History course by providing information about another culture’s conflict with Southern Immigrants, and Battles of the Red River War also presents artifacts and other sources, like maps, that relate to Southern History. The topic of the Red River War also gives another aspect of history of how the Old South became the New South, and the impact it was caused. The subject of the Red River War of 1874 is also linked with the representation of the primary story for the creation of the southern culture and ideas. While the historical period under discussion is the focus point, this subject area started many years before and continued throughout history after this
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