Red Robin Review

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Looking for a fantastic place to spend quality time with family? Red Robin is obviously a phenomenal choice where the whole family can dine! One can’t go wrong with this place. From the eccentric setting, the famous food, and deferential service, this restaurant completely deserves five stars. Red Robin will satisfy every craving. So why waste money or obsess over soggy McDonalds fries, when appetizing steak fries and gourmet burgers are awaiting for just a dollar more? Try burgers such as the mouth-watering Guacamole Bacon Burger, known for its smoky, flavorful bacon. Or possibly the Whiskey River BBQ Burger basted with Red Robin’s signature Whiskey River BBQ Sauce, and lasso’d together with the cheddar cheese, crispy onion straws, …show more content…
Service in Red Robin is absolutely remarkable. With extremely courteous and humorous waiters/waitresses, and very accurate and appropriate timing of food arriving, this restaurant is perfect in every way. The service is quick which won’t keep one too hungry. Also they keep customers entertained in many different ways. For example, on a friend or family member’s birthday, a waiter or waitress can become a clown! They will come and sing to the one whose birthday it is with their own special version of the “Happy Birthday Song!” They clap and sing and make themselves look 100% ridiculous, but they are more than happy to do it to brighten up a birthday. Again, one can’t go wrong with Red Robin’s superior, comical service which must be experienced. Red Robin has to be a top choice from a critic’s perspective for the perfect setting, marvelous burgers, and respectful service when looking for the ideal dining place that is outstanding and satisfying for the whole family! No need to worry about children being picky and not finding what they enjoy. There are plenty of choices that no one can resist, including kids. The children’s menu is reasonable as well as the adult’s menu! Not one burger or entrée at Red Robin is blasé; they are all fantastic and delightful! So why settle for fast food when one can get the food fast and relax at the same time? Come to Red Robin to be a part of family, scrumptious food, and exciting
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